Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Class #5: Designer Babies

How Will Genetic Tests Determine Who We Are, and What We'll Do, Now and in the Future?

You got married last year, and now you're going to be a parent in six months! You went to your obstetrician for an amniocentisis, and just got the results: the fetus has some genetic defects on Chromosome 7, making it least 50% likely that your child will have Autism. Further, Williams syndrome is likely, as defects on the CLIP2 gene have been observed. That's a lot of ATCGs...

Do Now

Answer the questions about the film "GATAGA"


The table below lists everybody's genetic research assignments. Please fill out the forms distributed in class during the midterm to organize your research. Go to the Genetics Home Reference website to do your research. The following steps will help guide you through the research:

  • Click on the Genetic Diseases box
  • Either look for the name alphabetically, or by the body system the disease affects
  • Once you have identified a specific genetic disease, click on one of the gene abbreviations (MLH1, etc.) to go to the specific gene related to the disease.
  • This will take you to a webpage listing specific information on that particular genetic defect. You can fill out your worksheet from this page.
I also want you to post a comment to this blog listing the 2-3 genes related to your specific genetic disease, its symbol, and cytogentic location. For example,

cystic fibrosis CFTR 7q31.2


Anonymous said...

Goedenmooi Monds

Lynch Syndrome: MLH1 3p21.3
MSH2 2p22-p21
PMS2 7p22.2

Anonymous said...

joathylet Ruedas

Williams Syndrome:

CLIP2 7q11.23
ELN 7q11.23
LIMK1 7q11.23

Anonymous said...

Lizette Munet

Parkinson's Disease: GBA 1q21

Anonymous said...

Margarita Estevez

Congenital Hypothyroidism
DUOX2 15q15.3
PAX8 2q-q14
SLC5A5 19p 13.3-p-12

Anonymous said...

Joathylet Ruedas

Hutchison-Gilford Progeria Sundrome


Anonymous said...

Nicole Spinelli

alport syndrome

Anonymous said...

Ismenia Salcedo

Bladder Cancer

FGFR3 4p16.3
HRAS 11p15.5
RB1 13q14.2

Anonymous said...

Stanley Jones

Breast Cancer


Anonymous said...

Zeneida Fernandez

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Anonymous said...

Ruth Torres
hypohidrotic ectdermal dysplasia
ectodysplasn a eda
68,752,635 69,176,046

Anonymous said...

Elis Castillo
chariot Marie Tooth Disease
BSCL2 11q12-q13.5
LITAF 16p 13.3p12
YARS 1p 35.1

Anonymous said...


Factor V Lieden Thrombophilia


Anonymous said...

Patrick Browne

Tuberous Sclerosis:

TSC1 9q34

TSC2 16p13.3

Anonymous said...

Goedenmooi Monds

GALE 1p36-p35
GALK1 17q24
GALT 9p13

Anonymous said...

Anayansi Clarke
Chediak-Higashi Syndrone also known as LYST and CHS1
location 233,890,965

Anonymous said...

Anayansi Clarke Homwewrok Assigment #4
it affects the Brain memory loss, Ability to function. Known also as App, PSEN1, PSEN2

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Agosto

Alagille Syndrome

Jag 1: 20p12.1
Notch2: 1p13

Anonymous said...

Melissa Amitrano

Stickler Syndrome:

COL11A1 1P21
COL11A2 6P21.3
COLLAGEN TYPE II (Primary Osteorthritis) 12q13.11-q13.2

Anonymous said...

melba nieves


Anonymous said...

Luis Perez

GLUT1 deficiency syndrome
SLC2A1 1p35-p31.3

Noonan Syndrome
KRAS 12p12.1
PTPN11 12q24
RAF1 3p25

Anonymous said...

Jessica Sanchez

Congenital hypothyroidism
DUOX2 15q15.3
PAX8 2q12-q14
SLC5A5 19p13.2-p12

APOB 2p24-p23
LDLR 19p13.3
LDLRAP1 1p36-p35

Anonymous said...

Margarita Estevez


GALE 1p36-p35
GALK1 17q 24
GALT 9p 13

Melinda said...

Goedenmooi Monds Lynch Syndrome: MLH1 3p21.3 MSH2 2p22-p21 PMS2 7p22.2